1. What do the boxes include?

Book Pitaara offers two ranges of boxes, namely, Mini Pitaara and Epic Pitaara. Mini Pitaara offers a minimum of 1 book along with 5+ merchandises and collectibles based on the books and the theme of the month. Epic Pitaara comprises of 2-3 books along with 8+ merchandises and collectibles based on the books and the theme of the month.

  1. How do I order a box?

Click on the subscribe button in the menu section to browse through the subscription plans offered. You can then choose a Pitaara of your liking and subscribe to us.

  1. Can the boxes be cancelled?

Your purchases can be cancelled set to certain limitations as revised in our Returns and Refund Policy. Please do check into the same for more details.

  1. How many boxes do we receive?

The number of boxes you receive depends on the number of months you subscribe to. If you have ordered a quarterly box, you shall receive 3 boxes in total in a span of 3 months, respectively.

  1. When are the boxes delivered to us?

Your boxes are dispatched in the last week of the month you subscribed it in. Meaning you should get your Pitaara delivered in the first week of next month.

Example: If you order a September box, you will receive it in the first week of October.

Late to the party boxes reach in the second week of next month

  1. What are late to the party boxes?

If you order between 22nd and 30/31st of the month, then your order is considered a late to the party box. This means that you will receive your boxes in the second week of next month, at the latest, instead of the usual first week of the month.

  1. How do I renew my current subscription plan?

Once your subscription plan has expired, you can choose the plan you wish to upgrade to through the subscription area. You will also receive an email prior to expiry of current subscription to renew your subscription of Book Pitaara. Be on a lookout for that or connect with nikita.bookpitaara@gmail.com

  1. Can I cancel my subscription?

Should there be any inconvenience procured at your end, Book Pitaara will comply to the same and offer you 100% refund.

  1. Is International Shipping Available?

As of now, Book Pitaara offers shipping across India only, except Lakshadweep. You shall know about international shipping through our social pages, should there be a change in our policies.

  1. How do I avail my discount code?

Type in your discount code as is in the ‘Promo Code’ area to avail the discount. Ensure that the code hasn’t surpassed its expiry date.

  1. Can I gift a Pitaara?

Yes, Book Pitaara offers book subscription in the form of gifts. Mention the same in the notes/message section for us to personalize a birthday message in the same.

  1. Can the boxes be customized as per our needs?

As of now, Book Pitaara doesn’t have access to enough resources to ensure personalized goodie boxes. Should there be an addition in the near future, you shall be intimated through email. Subscribe to our newsletter for the same.

  1. How many boxes can I order in a single month?

The default maximum order a month for a single user is 10. However, should you be in need of a bulk order, shoot us an email at info@bookpitaara.com




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