A little insight into Book Pitaara

We started with book subscription boxes back in the Monsoons of 2018. Our Very First Box was a crime thrilled based box with two awesome books in it - The Corset and All Among The Barley.

Over a period of time, we learnt that there's more to self-care than just books and switched our store's model to one that more's inclusive of mental health and wellness - Our utmost priority at Book Pitaara. 

And so began our wellness boxes, these boxes comprised DIY kits, books, bookish wellness products, candles, selfcare products and other literary merchandises. But then again something didn't sit right with us and we had to bring in more stuffs to the store.

We started 100% inhouse production at Book Pitaara, stopped curating vendors and other brands and did everything we could from our home base to create a book that's not just close to our heart but touches your souls as well.

Now, we have a range of 4 kinds of subscription boxes alongside an amazing range of products like Handmade notebooks, Fandom T-shirts, Fandom based merchandises, Coffee Mugs and a lot more.

Meet The Founder 

Nikita Rajkumar Raikwar, Founder at Book Pitaara is an indie published author with a book based on body positivity and media's biased beauty standards. She also runs a remote based digital agency (Joyful Content Co). 

Products made at Book Pitaara are 100% run under her and made with loads of love. Whilst not daylighting as a serial entrepreneur, Nikita loves to dabble in creative approaches be it home organizing and decor, reading books, cooking, listen to Indie Music or simply creating newer illustrations for her brand.

You can see more of her on her blog-stagram - https://www.instagram.com/hola.spirited/