COVID-19 Related Information

Owing to the circumstances put forth by the pandemic, here are certain rules and regulations we follow at the Book Pitaara Headquarters.

1. We sanitize our area and materials used when they are shipped to us from our vendors and suppliers from across India and abroad.

2. Each of our jars are sanitized, washed and air dried before filling them with your products

3. Production Team sanitizes their hands and maintains safety rules like wearing a mask and wearing gloves while making your products.

4. We sanitize every package before they leave our home

5. We send in a hand sanitizing sachet in every package, so that you can sanitize yourself before opening the box.


Due to certain rules and regulations as imposed by the Government of India, you may experience a delay in shipping and delivery. This is due to the lack of manpower and 50% work-load conditions across shipping partners. 

As and how the situation betters, your shipping will too, get back to the normal shipping duration, until then, please bear with us.