#10 Reading Benefits And How it Adds to Your Wellness Quotient

I got into the reading bandwagon much later after my teens. Even then, I do remember listening to bedtime stories by Maa and Granny with my inclination towards Roald Dahl and Ruskin Bond. After all, they were our real literary heroes. But now that I take the time out to read at the least an hour on a daily basis, I realized that there’s more to reading than just entertainment. It’s not all fun and leisure when it comes to reading, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. And after careful *ahem ahem* speculation, I found out several reading benefits and how they add to our mind’s wellness.

Following is a list of wellness reading benefits you gain from books!

  • Increases Memory:

When you pile into books and reading materials on a daily basis, you get to delve into many worlds, meet many fictional friends and dabble around scenarios. You then tend to visualize what you read, adding to your memory. When you like or dislike a book, you show it in the form of verbal expressions and utter disgust. You share a quick review with your fellow bookworms – in a way memorizing scenarios you loved/hated in the book – owing more to the otherwise *not-so-used* memory skills. You get the point, eh? wink!

  • Increases Lifespan:

Well, if all you do whole day is warm your seats and read a book, there is no chance you’d be killed in an accident, during a natural calamity or disaster or worse, be murdered. Umm, I’m definitely kidding. But yeah, since you tend to slow down a bit, calm your nerves and senses and attain better patience – your internal functioning systems tend to perform better – meaning your lifespan increases (Even if that means an increase in minutes, days, months or years).

  • Enhances Creativity:

Duh, don’t tell me that you have never read a book and then thought of writing one of your own. You even go to the extent of writing down a story, imagining scenes, creating your own plots, adding twists to the stories you are reading. Well, the list is endless. This not only adds to our list of reading benefits but is surely something we all are gifted with, once we delve into the world of stories.

  • Boosts Imagination:

Do you really need an explanation to this? Tell me you haven’t imagined how Platform 9 3/4 looks like, or how pretty Pandora, Hobbit Land or the world of Lunar Chronicles is.

  • Helps Reduce Anxiety and Stress:

This goes along the lines of increasing lifespan. Reading helps us calm down and relax. It is considered leisure for a reason. Leisure sports are sports that tend to offer peace, calm and a sense of belonging. With reduced stress and anxiety, you are certain to increase your lifespan.

  • Expands Vocabulary:

This point works as the core in this list of reading benefits. If it weren’t for books and other literary reading materials, we’d all be blinded to the world of words. It is nothing but words that help shape our communication skills. So, not only is reading helping you expand your vocabulary but is also introducing you to words that you can use in your everyday conversations and sound eloquent.

  • Get to learn about the world around us:

Well, of course you do not get to this benefit by reading Fantasy Fiction like HP, Lunar Chronicles, Percy Jackson, Sarah J Maas and the likes. However, a lot of books out there offer crisp details about the surrounding around the character. Like the entrance to Mumbai through Churchgate and the beautiful port surrounding it. The nearby Colaba Causeway that adds to the beauty of it all. Or Like the beautiful Architecture loving city of Jaipur and its many palaces and how each of these palaces even though a pure classic differ in interior styling and taste. Or how the Holkar Family added to the glory of Indore with its many residential and castles they lived in.

  • Increases our emotional senses:

When we face a situation through the eyes of the fictional character we are rooting, we tend to understand situation from another perspective altogether. That’s the best part about reading. You can step into someone else’s shoes and virtually experience the behavioral patterns and beliefs of another, talk like they do, critic their decision skills – all at the comfort of your reading nook.

  • Helps us understand humans and situations we pile into:

This is a point b to the aforementioned reading benefit. When you do get to experience different scenarios and human behavior, you naturally understand human psychology – this aids in your own decision making skills.

  • and heck yeah – a low-cost forever entertaining investment:

Oh well, if all the 9 points don’t convince you enough into reading, then entertainment forever is the only reading benefit you can consider. Because, well, who wouldn’t want to experience the wrath of the Queen of Hearts, walk through wardrobes, solve cases with Sherlock and smile along contemporary journeys of Ruskin Bond.

Now, that I have successfully *I hope so* convinced as to how reading benefits us and soothes our mind by calming our senses, it’s time you subscribe to Book Pitaara right now!