5 Mood Enhancing Self-Care Products You Must Own!

Your mind has the power to set the tone of your day and your entire life. Book Pitaara is a brand that believes that holistic health comes from wellness in all forms whether it is feeding your mind with good books or feeding your soul with mood enhancers. So that you don’t starve your mind, we have come up with the 5 best mood enhancers that are a must have at your home!

Scented Soy candles

The sensuous aroma of the scented soy candles by Book Pitaara is mesmerizing and imparts a tranquil vibe to your mood. These luxuriously handcrafted soy wax candles are nothing short of joy especially for those days when you need an instant mood-uplifting that brings peace and calmness to your senses.


Books take you to a far away land where you can reconnect with your inner true self. Yes, Book Pitaara is about books and much more that let’s you dive deeper to find your inner serenity. Our best product is the book themed scented candles and other wellness products that let’s you create the perfect ambience for your favourite book reading.

Wellness subscription box

Who wouldn’t love a box full of pampering, self care, mood enhancing goodies? This blended box comes with hand made bath salts, body scrubs, charcoal soaps and soy candles. Gift your self or someone you love with this Wellness subscription box which is a wonderful gift of self love. The best part about this Indian wellness box is that it is SLS/SLES/Paraben-free and cruelty free.

Bath salts

Floral bath salts is what makes your bath time sensuous and serene. It is the time when you reflect and gather your thoughts as you cleanse your body as well as your mind from all impurities. What’s better than the scent of flowers to make that possible? And you can add to that a nice scented soy candle

Fuller’s earth clay

Natural self care products are the most preferred because of its authenticity and purity. This is why home made face masks such as the fuller’s earth clay are your perfect go-to beauty product for those days when you need a wonderful natural glow on your face.

Mental health is as crucial as physical health. This is why keeping your mood in check and taking the extra effort to stay rejuvenated is very important. From scented soy candles to amazing bath salts, Book Pitaara products create a beautiful aura for a happy state of mind and healthy existence.