Bath and Body: Why Choosing a cruelty-free home-based brand is a good idea!

We have strived to live up to our customer’s expectations and since it’s raining, quite literally, raining and pouring – we decided to bring to you something absolutely new and different this time. But before we dive into the same, let’s focus on why we aim at bringing you the best bath and body products online. Here’s what we have in store for you in the upcoming months and how you can make the best out of our Soap subscription box India audiences would love.

Why buy bath and body products online?

The new age of millennials is redefining every aspect of self-care. Gone are the days when taking care of yourself with good quality bath and beauty products were considered secondary. Whether it is about aromatic soaps, bath washes, shower gel, bath salts, bath bombs or body lotions everything is now high in demand. This is not just because of the care and nourishment it provides to the skin but also the relaxing and soothing feeling it gives to your senses. Aromatic soaps and those fortified with active ingredients have soothing properties that nourish your body and mind.

Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps are great because they are crafted with perfect care and precision. They are custom made and are not processed in bulk which makes it exquisitely created for specific likes. They are easy to use and a natural way to nourish your skin.

Bookish Soaps

Literature has inspired every aspect of the world for ages. Whether it is films or soap operas, literature has always been a source of inspiration for the creative field of arts. This creativity is now reflected in bath and beauty products as well. Fandom inspired Bookish soaps are here to stay as they are the epitome of creativity and innovation. So, whether you are the Harry Potter type, Game of Thrones type or both, bookish soaps are the one thing you must have. Let your passion for your favourite book series or characters be reflected in your day to day life through your bath and beauty products and let your imagination soar as high as possible with the help of Book Based Soaps.

Bath Salts India

You can use bath salts for various reasons. These are easy to use and economical to cure mental as well as physical health ailments. Bath salts made out of magnesium sulfate called Epsom salt or sea salt can be easily dissolved in warm water for use. They are great in helping you relieve stress, aches and pains. Bath salts India are a new trend in the bath and body segment in India. It can relax your body and soothe your mind. After a hectic day at work, blow off some steam and let the exhaustion of the day drift away with bath salts.

Body Scrubs:

It is said that to waive off the negativity from your body, scrubbing is a great alternative. It helps you to rub away Misophonia triggers and sensory overloads, and is great to calm down someone who lives with anxiety and panic attacks. Let me share a secret with you, I live with extreme Misophonia and have been using our body scrubs regularly to keep my sensory overwhelming issues at bay, and trust me, they do help.

Whether you are the kind that wants to take care of your body and skin naturally with the best handmade soaps or rejuvenate your mind with bath salts, Book Pitaara is your holy grail. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through your range of wellness products and leave yourself and your skin mesmerized and flawless.