Selfcare 101: 50+ Things to do to embrace mental health awareness

May marks the beginning of mental health awareness month – but when it is the right time for you, any month can be a mental health awareness month and it’s time we pull up our socks and do ourselves the favor of loving our body and taking care of our mental health.

To do so, we at Book Pitaara have come up with a list of 50+ things you can do to relieve yourself from tension, stress and anything dreary. So, pick yourself up and check this list of things that you can do to keep your spirits high.

Here’s a list of things you can do to embrace mental health awareness this month

  1. Create a to-do list

  2. Note down three good things about you daily.

  3. Write down your thoughts in a journal

  4. Doodle your stress away

  5. Use Coloring Pages

  6. Soak into a warm bath bomb induced bath

  7. Participate in readathons

  8. Read books at night

  9. Make time for a morning routine

  10. Use exfoliation creams on a bi-weekly basis

  11. Go for a morning/evening walk

  12. Take power naps wherever necessary

  13. Sing out loud

  14. Learn a new instrument

  15. Cook for yourself

  16. Indulge in your cravings

  17. Have an ice cream

  18. Smile

  19. Help a stranger

  20. Scour through memory lanes

  21. Walk down a beach

  22. Visit a new tourist place

  23. Head to the mountains

  24. Go on a nature trail

  25. Go star-gazing

  26. Play your favourite childhood game

  27. Meet your friends

  28. Make time for your family

  29. Take a day off work

  30. Run, Run, Run

  31. Create something for yourself

  32. Indulge in scented candles

  33. Try out a DIY activity

  34. Visit a park

  35. Visit a pet-care centre

  36. Learn to Skate

  37. Learn calligraphy

  38. Make Pinterest-y artworks – home decor – organizing hacks

  39. Create Polaroids – develop a set of photographs

  40. Indulge in a subscription box.

  41. Eat a cake – guilty pleasures

  42. Drink Water / Stay Hydrated

  43. Speak your heart out

  44. Meditate / Do Yoga

  45. Stay Silent

  46. Observe nature

  47. Declutter your cupboard

  48. Declutter your room

  49. Plant new shrubs.

  50. Water your plants

  51. Make friends with someone new

  52. Readout articles on mental health awareness

  53. Create your own mental health awareness checklist

This mental health awareness list may not sound like something new but will make a great checklist for someone who is struggling to embrace themselves and love themselves unconditionally. Make time for yourself this month – and do things to make yourself happy – a little selfish can work wonders for you. It’s time you do it for YOURSELF!

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