Why Subscribing to a Wellness Plan is Significant?

The term “wellness” is mostly associated with physical fitness and beauty. But, in reality, the term is an umbrella concept covering a wide host of areas, such as physical, emotional and spiritual fitness.

A lot of you might be aware of this, but very few are aware that it covers mental fitness too. A lot of you would have come across the phrase, “food for thought”. But, what does “food for thought” really mean and what does it constitute?

Why Wellness Subscriptions Help :

Rising stress levels, fatigue, and workloads have led today’s youth to become conscious about their health and well-being. These factors have translated towards increasing preferences for self-care importance through better health quality of life.

They often say, “it is all in the mind”. What this essentially means is that a positive mind manifests positive thoughts which lead to positive actions and feelings which enhances mental health.

All in the name of Wellness

For a lot of us, the need to take care of ourselves is a struggle and we somehow find this to dip to the bottom of our to-do lists. As of today, self-care importance goes beyond just chocolates and face masks, and there is everything for everyone.

Quite a lot of you reading this might be working hectic corporate jobs and looking for solutions to battle with all the stresses – an aromatic candle, a soothing bath scrub and a body massage (with somebody care products and oils) relieves your mind from all the stresses along with giving you me time that you need. Another solution to getting the required me-time is reading a novel along with sipping some therapeutic green tea.

If you are someone who is battling self-esteem or lacking motivation – some inspirational quotes, greeting cards, green tea, and a diary to pen down your thoughts ideal motivators.

A new perspective to Mental health

This new perspective is to do with “food for thought”. Just ask yourself where do thoughts arise and what could possibly be its fuel or food.

The answer is – books!

Books are the food for your mental health. Here’s how!

They are effective educational tools

Reading books helps you expand your vocabulary. Better vocabulary helps you communicate in a more polished manner, and thereby boosts your communication skills as well.

Books are the secret to a better memory

Reading books enables you to visualize what you read, which add to your memory. What also adds to your memory are the new words you learn on-the-go.

Help increase your lifespan

Books are calming devices for your nerves and the mind – as they make you more patient.

They are very effective mind relaxers

As a calming device, reading a book helps you relax, as a result of which they are considered a leisure activity. Hence, reading is a very good way of getting the desired time.


Quite a lot of you reading this would be aware of self-care importance through green teas, body oils, and massages, but very few regard books to be a wellness product. A new perspective and phenomenon for the Indian market, books are very effective mental health stimulators and can be your best buddies for life.

For one, oils, candles and body scrubs are very effective short-term flings for the mind, whereas a book can be read and preserved for years to come. Keeping this in mind, brands like Book Pitaara, among others are constantly working towards solutions that stimulate and enhance mental health.