Ever wondered what is your purpose on earth? Why were you born? What's the greater good that you need to live with? The powers bestowed upon you? 

Ikigai lets you understand 4 simple yet powerful aspects of your life.

1. What you like to do

2. What serves the community

3. What builds an income source

4. What you are good at


Each of these questions shoud bring out a single answer - that's where your IKIGAI lies.


For me it could be making candles, for you creating branding services, for another writing content, for someone else cleaning services, for another being a policeman or an IPS office, or a scientist, a doctor a healer - no matter what - YOUR IKIGAI is out there and our candles are here to help you find it :)


Our Ikigai candle comes with neutralizing calm scent notes of lemongrass and is naturally soy coloured with no additives making it a toxic-free enjoyable experience.


Ikigai - 6 oz Natural Soy Candle